Let’s make it a little easier for your growth.

Factoring for companies.

Quick liquidity. Zero risk.

The success of medium-sized companies, in particular, often suffers from customers not paying their bills on time. This is where factoring from BFS finance GmbH can help.

As one of the largest bank-independent factoring companies, we purchase your trade receivables and also assume the risk of payment defaults. And because time is money, you will receive 90% of the invoice amount within 24 hours.

Instead of spending unnecessary time in the accounting department, you remain at the helm, you make your money work better for you, you invest in the business and take advantage of discounts and special conditions.

Four good reasons for factoring.

Greater security

We guarantee 90% of the invoice amount within 24 hours. Your advantages: more liquidity faster, and bank-independent financing. Secured by our bad debt protection.

Better credit rating

By selling receivables, you optimise your working capital. Your balance sheet is reduced, your equity ratio increases and your operating KPIs improve. This has a positive effect on your company’s rating.

Higher turnover

With BFS Factoring, you finance your growth sustainably through your sales. You gain entrepreneurial freedom, make better use of market opportunities and win over new customers with longer payment terms.

Lower purchase prices

Thanks to factoring, you can pay your suppliers faster. In return, they grant you discounts and special conditions. In doing so, you secure additional income in purchasing.

Compressed factoring knowledge.

Compact. Competent. Specific.

All the advantages in one digital brochure. An ideal overview of the wide range of BFS Factoring services. Our experts will be happy to discuss which of our solutions is best for your company during a personal appointment.

As part of the Bertelsmann Group, we offer you significant financial strength and security.

Thomas Langer, Senior Sales Manager B2B Factoring

We combine 60 years of factoring experience with the highest level of digital expertise.

Tamara Klähn, IT Manager

Our service-oriented accounts receivable management means for you: success stories instead of reminders.

Marcus Spohr, Senior Account Manager

Our factoring variants.

Full-service factoring

Your all-round carefree package: you benefit from 100% bad debt protection, and receive 90% of your money within 24 hours. We handle your accounts receivable management and offer you automated data transfer and online real-time reporting. Would you like to pre-finance and secure only part of your debtor invoices through us? Then our selective factoring solution is the right thing for you.

Inhouse Factoring

Do you have your own professional accounts receivable management function? We take over the financing and the del credere function. You benefit from immediate liquidity, 100% non-payment protection and can optimally structure your working capital. If you do not want to pre-finance and secure all your debtor invoices through us, we recommend our selective factoring.

Maturity factoring

Our maturity factoring is the ideal solution for all companies for which financial security (but not an immediate liquidity increase) is the priority. We secure you 100% against bad debts, relieve you of debtor management and pay you your money on the due date.

Hi, Speed Factoring.

Automated data transfer with the DATEV interface.

Fasten your seatbelts, please. BFS puts your accounting system in the fast lane. Thanks to the innovative Datev interface, debtor master data and receivables can be imported directly from the DATEV accounting software. Fast, error-free, data-secure and without any additional implementation and programming effort.

ESG – sustainable business.

Strategies for a better future. Discover what makes BFS a true pioneer in sustainable finance.

If you want to achieve more, you can reach us here.

Are you particularly interested in one of our financial services? Or would you like general advice on our range of products and services? In any case, you have come to the right place.

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    Which BFS financial solution is right for you?

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