News overview

New year, new top personnel.

We are proud to welcome  Hendrik Lamers, a new Managing Director at BFS finance who is very familiar with our company.

Hendrik joined BFS as Commercial Manager in January 2018, and has continuously expanded the scope of his responsibilities since then.

Previously, he held a number of positions in the Bertelsmann Group and most recently worked in the Central Controlling and Strategy division.

During this time period, Hendrik also worked as a management consultant for a few years.

With his key insight and strategic perspective, Hendrik has now taken the next, crucial step and, since 01.01.2023, has adopted a leading central role as

Jörg Schnelle’s successor at the side of Rudolf Gellrich with the future of BFS finance in his hands.For us, he represents the optimal choice to support our company’s growth course.

We look forward to many more successful years with Hendrik.